Orders placed prior to 9 PM Eastern Time are usually filled and shipped the next business day. Exceptions occur when a product has to be pulled from offsite storage, large volumes of orders, etc. Under normal conditions, all orders will ship no later than the 2nd business day (following receipt of payment). Orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail or USPS First Class Mail are usually received 2-3 business days after the shipping date. During holiday periods, or any period of heavy mail volume, the time required to deliver your package could be longer.
I offer two types of shipping: USPS First/Priority (auto picked depending of the weight of the items) USPS Express Mail (expedited handling) Handling fees are: included and $10.00 respectively. Orders where you want Express Mail/expedited must be received (with payment) no later than 10 AM Eastern Time (7 AM Pacific Time) to get same day shipping. The eCrater site is not set up to automatically quote/charge the correct shipping for Express Mail. Contact the seller if you desire this service.
Order cancellations will only be honored if they occur immediately after the order was placed. If you wait an extended period of time (more than an hour), it is very possible that your order has already been filled. See 'terms' at the bottom of this page, and scroll down to 'Returns/Cancellations' for more details.
PayPal supplies a 'Confirmed Address' with each payment. That is the only address I ship to. If you need shipment to a different address, you must first go to PayPal and do a 'Alternative Address Confirmation'. Then, when you make the payment, PayPal will present you with a list of Confirmed Addresses that can choose from.
(new discount schedule effective Sept 22, 2013) Discounts are as follows: buy 1-49 LEGO pieces/minifigs/etc, and you pay the listed price; buy 50-99 pieces and you get a 5% discount; buy 100+ pieces and you get a 10% discount. Discounts only apply to those items marked 'single'. Multi-packs (pre-packed bags of the same part/color) are already discounted. Used parts (marked 'single,U') count double towards the piece count. Example: you order 10 pieces of new LEGO plus 10 pieces of used LEGO equals 30 pieces for calculating the discount. Discounts are manually calculated after the order is placed, and are not reflected in the total shown by eCrater.
I do accept PayPal. The 'Seller Protection Address' (supplied by PayPal with the payment) is the only address I will ship to. If there is a difference between that and the address on the order, the address supplied by PayPal is used.
The suggested method is to use a US buying/consolidating service. One such service is MyUS.com, and another is AccessUSA.
Contact your card issuer (bank, credit union, etc). Tell them you wish to add a gift/additional shipping address to the card. Select alternate/CC as the payment method. When placing the order, do not enter anything in the Gift address fields. Enter the Gift address as the Billing address. Your financial institution will then validate the gift/billing address, and the order will be placed. The seller need never know about the actual billing address. Any order that arrives with two different addresses will be refused.